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Get your taxi website with an online fare calculator editable pages and search engine optimisation for 12 months. For just £799.

Your own personal custom designed taxi website that tells your customers about you and why they should choose you.
Integrated fare calculator, editable fixed fares, editable special offers, take online bookings with: cash to driver, paypal or any other merchant.

Taxi Web Design

Included in your website

Your taxi booking system is included, you can check your bookings from our very special easy to use TAXIElite content management system. This is where you can: create account customers, invoice customers, edit your pages, fares and offers

We build the TAXIElite websites so that anyone can use them, simple to use and simple to maintain.

Mobile and Tablet Ready

With over 55% of web users now using a tablet or mobile device we felt that it was important that the taxi websites where accessible on any device. There are still alot of taxi websites out there that still havent made the leap of going down the mobile responsive route, So TAXIElite websites offer powerful easy to use taxi websites that are customer friendly and ready to be viewed by any potential customer.

Taxi Web Design

Taxi Booking System

With the website comes a very powerful but easy to use taxi booking system which is easily monitored from your TAXIElite content management system.
Bookings are created on the front end by the customer and then sent to the booking manager system which displays active and non active bookings. You are also able to set options for the customer to book a meet and greet for airport,seaport and euro star journeys which can be charged extra for through the system.

Taxi Web Design

Taxi Fare Calculator

The great thing about the fare calculator on the TAXIElite website is you can choose either to set the calculator to calculate mileage based on a price for the first half mile, first mile and subsequent miles. or... You can set it to a fixed fares system which will read the prices for all your vehicle types offering a fixed fare to the customer where they can choose a vehicle and price that is suitable for their journey.

Taxi Web Design

Built in e-ticketing

When a customer books on the website not only will it appear in your CMS but the customer and yourself will be sent an e-ticket fully branded to your company outlining their journey details and your company contact information.
The customer also has the option to print the booking e-ticket once they have completed the checkout process. We can also get the system to send an sms message to the customer with the booking (optional extra).

Taxi Web Design


Some of our Recent Taxi Website Builds.

Taxi Web Design

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Taxi Web Design

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Taxi Web Design

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About TAXIElite

The origins of the best taxi websites on the planet.

  • Taxi Web Design


    GPS Taxis own 1st Prototype of a Gold Series

    Gps Taxis in Rushden Northamptonshire own the very first Gold Series TAXIElite website (MK1 Prototype) and are ranked 1st place for over 200 search terms still ranked 1 to this day

  • Taxi Web Design>

    March 2013

    TAXIElite is Officially Born

    Taxi Elite MK2 websites are sold across the country for the first time offering the first affordable, fully inclusive taxi websites

  • Taxi Web Design

    Jan 2014

    TAXIElite Gold Series Introduced

    TAXIElite split into several flavours offering different levels of taxi website design, The Gold series is an instant success with a large amount of orders in the first week. This is when our Office was built at the Woodford Mill in Northamptnshire and was also the introduction of TAXIElite print.

  • Taxi Web Design

    April 2015

    Getting bigger by the day

    We are just entering into phase 4 of the development offering new taxi products with some exciting new developments to emerge in the coming months.

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How to order

You can order your taxi website by either calling our friendly customer service team on: (01933) 551904 or emailing and one of our reps will call you straight back.

or.. you can pay a deposit of £ 447 by paypal below and you will be contacted by the team shortly so that we can collect your information to build your website.

The Process

Once a deposit has been paid you will be sent some forms so that we can gather the required information to develop your taxi website

once we have received the information it will take 14-21 days to complete your website, you will then be given a link to check the website and make and changes needed. This is also when we will set up your email accounts for you

When you are 100% happy with your website you will then pay the remaining balance and the website will be launched.

Annual Charges: You will be billed £45 annually for website maintenance and renewal of your domain name. Support is free for the first 2 months and then will be billed on a price per job basis.